Surre – what?

Surrellusion is a word mix from the words surreal
and illusion. I use it as a rough guideline for getting more into
art and to draw in a more focused way.

Where's the shop?

I am not selling my existing drawings because they need a lot of refinement before i can sell them with clear conscience.

However, I am open for commissions or collaborations. So if you like my style you can still ask for whatever you can think of. And i am generally interested in collaborating with other artists.

Get in contact now for any requests or commissions!

Ask me about collaborations, commissions or actual design jobs.

You want to support my art?

What i do

I do all sorts of graphic design and video editing. The last 12 years i worked in an agency for RB, P&G and a few other clients. I also lead a small, one man business for private clients. Contact me for inquiries or more information.

My experience levels so far…

Illustrations & Drawings (e.g. portraits, posing figures, maps, comics)
Screen Design (PPT, Photoshop, Illustrator, Prezi)
Animations (After Effects, Maya)
Printed Media
Websites (WordPress only)
Want to support me?

Buy me a coffee (or rather some new pencils)!

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I will read and answer your email asap.

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